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Sadly, my old builds have been outdated by nerfs to Signet of Judgment (most stupid nerf ever). A-net has also nerfed FA (unbelievable, but they managed to nerf an entire arena). Yeah, and I'm also a Kurzick now, since my old guild disbanded. So now I FA on the Kurzick side, which like wins all the time.

Me/E Fire Spam Build (12+3+1 Fast Casting, 12 Fire Magic, 3+3 Inspiration Magic)

Savannah Heat.jpg
Breath of Fire.jpg
Teinai's Heat.jpg
Searing Heat.jpg
Fire Storm.jpg
Meteor Shower.jpg
Energy Tap.jpg
Drain Enchantment.jpg

Me/X NPC Ineptitde Spam(10+3 Fast Casting, 11+3+1 Illusion Magic, 10+3 Inspiration Magic)

Wandering Eye.jpg
Signet of Clumsiness.jpg
Images of Remorse.jpg
Ether Feast.jpg
Energy Tap.jpg
Drain Enchantment.jpg