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Well, I thought up of another cool and (kinda) original profession idea. Its like a magician who can use spells to "summon" different weapons to wield, and these weapons have special effects. Its like a necromancer's minions mixed with a ritualist's spirits, with both support and disruption and damage (albeit mediocre) all mixed in the same attributes so that you do not sacrifice having to spec into different attributes to be able to heal and damage etc.


60 armor
30 energy
+4 base energy regeneration
Bells have an attack speed of 2 seconds. They have no damage, and their range can specify according to the spell that created them, but generally they have range within earshot.


  • Necromancy-increases the effect of spells that weaken or empower minions and other summoned creatures.
  • Kouvoovi-increases the effect of bell spells and spells related to bells.
  • Willpower-increases the effect of rituals and skills relating to the removal of hexes and conditions.
  • Musical Ear (primary)-each rank in this increases the duration of all bell spells by 2% and rituals by 1%.



Necromancy allows the summoning of creatures by killing minions and spirits. It also contains spells that damage summoned creatures, weakens their effect and heal or strengthen allied minions and spirits.


These are mostly spells that summon particular bells to wield, though it also contains spells to empower allies' attacks and weaken enemy attacks. Many spells in this attribute have an AoE effect.

  • Note:koukoovi is the greek for bell.


These spells include a new type of "hex", the ritual. Rituals are like maintained enchantments, except that you maintain them on foes for -1 energy regeneration, and they are irremovable, except for skills also in this attribute. It also contains many support spells which can remove or lessen the duration of hexes and conditions on allies.

Musical Ear[edit]

Very few linked skills, most of these are to do with making Bellmaster skills stronger.

Skills & Builds[edit]