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Guild Devils Whisper header-1.jpg

Eloc Jcg/Devils Whisper [DW]
Guild Devils Whisper cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Leader Eloc Jcg
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members 15
Guild Hall Burning Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
Webpage [1]
Forums [2]
Time zone Mountain
Devils Whisper is a guild that has existed since Febuary 9th, 2007.
We vary alot of interests but mainly we are layed back PvEr's.
We do GvG on occassion for fun and do some other forms of PvP.
We have started using team builds in PvP but unlike high ranked GvG guilds,
We prefer to come up with our own creative team builds and test them out ourselves.

We were originally in [Back] which was in the [any] alliance which currently owns Cavalon.
Anyways, the current leader of Devils Whisper was co leader of [Back].
Eloc Jcg then left [Back], accompanied by 9 other members, to make Devils Whisper.
At the beggining we prospered quite quickly. At the end of the first day, we knew this guild would make it...and it did.

At around March 2008, we decided that we were no longer interested in being a huge guild, so we let the guild become a smaller, more social guild.


Officers are demoted when they reach 1 week inactivity and kicked at 2 weeks.
I kick all members who reach 1 week inactivity.

Ancient Artifact.png Recruitment Ancient Artifact.png[edit]

We have no requirements as we are mainly a layed back guild. If you wish to join, whisper any of the people in the list below to join or leave a message here.

Ancient Artifact.png Contact Information Ancient Artifact.png[edit]

Main Character Favourite Profession Rank Email
Eloc Jcg ElementalistMonk Guild Leader [3]
Rit Of Shadow ParagonMesmer Officer [4]
Dervish Sell Waffle ElementalistMonk Officer [5]
Vermilion Orion DervishElementalist Officer
Priestess Donut ElementalistDervish Officer [6]
Melv Theyren MonkAssassin Officer [7]
Sarah The Swiftest RangerElementalist Officer
Iweas Niad Unknown Officer [8]
Jenna Yuuze Unknown Officer [9]

Kojan Beastmaster Unknown Officer

Devils Whisper Alliance
Leader Devils Whisper
Members Amor Omnia Vincit • Purple Family • We Hate Leechers

Alliance Guild Leaders[edit]

Alliance Guild Leaders
Guild Main Character
Devils Whisper Eloc Jcg
Amor Omnia Vincit The Baron J
Purple Family I Am Necroish
We Hate Leechers Aoi Kenzaki