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Among the ten professions Guild Wars has, only two feel odd to me: Monks (the only profession which character I have deleted) and Warriors, who I believe are both the most skill requiring profession, and the dumbest among them all. In PvP, good warriors have to be extremely skilled, more so IMO than everyone else (and in a skill based game, they would thererefore be the most powerful profession). In PvE...Not only we have the dumb Wa/Mo stereotype (and who has never met a player exactly like that?), but also the belief that warriors are meant exclusively to tank, nothing more. Which is quite ironic, given how they used to be the profession with the highest DPS in PvP.

And then we have my character. The only reason I have created her are the nice weapons warriors have - most of my favourite weapons in the game belong to this profession. Playing as a warrior, however, has been somewhat troublesome...I'm not a fan of "tanking" (not only it's incredibly boring, but it also relies on the AI being stupid), and the good DPS warriors have isn't as important when fights last seconds, with long downtimes in between. Add to this the very low energy, and...What would my warrior do? Damage? Well, that's a given, but I would be happier if I could fit more party-wide utility in my skill bar.

As a result, my favourite weapon for warriors is the hammer. Not because of the damage, or because the conditions it inflicts (swords and axes are better at those), but rather thanks to the invaluable ability of knocking down a foe, something that pratically removes it from the battle for a couple seconds (plus the enemies' knock down animations are usually very amusing xD).








Things to get[edit]

  • Celestial Axe
  • Mods
    • 1 Health +30 (sword)