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Heal as One.jpg I am a Legendary Beastmaster!

Melandru mural (Ascalon).jpg I am a faithful follower of Melandru.

Flux.jpg Time Travel is impossible you say? Have you walked through an Asura Gate lately?

Kurzick Banner.jpg "We, The Evenfeather Family, recognizing the greatness of the Kurzick nation, do pledge our support to the Houses of Echovald. As leader of my guild, I make this oath for myself and for those that follow me."

Hourglass Staff Across all characters, I have played Guild Wars for 5624 hours over the past 65 months.

Champagne Popper.jpg I enjoy sharing a bottle of wine with friends!

Arenanet-logo-400-transparentbg.png LFG to join the creative team @ ArenaNet (Party Search)

Symbols of Inspiration.jpg A special thanks goes out to Salome and Chieftain Alex, who helped inspire and structure this page.