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My Characters[edit]

Fikusan The Monk(II) is Fikusan's Third Monk following Fikusan The Monk(I) and Fikusan Teh Monk. Fikusan The Monk is Fikusan's 8th and most used Character. Fikusan The Monk has beaten all 3 campaigns and is PvP ready. Fikusan The Monk is well equipped with 3 sets of armor. A 1.5k Luxon armor set was Fikusan The Monk's First 60AL armor set. Less than a month later, Fikusan The Monk received her Tattoo set, runed for 55 farming. For her first birthday she got an Elite Sunspear Armor Set. Fikusan The Monk Is Fully Equipped with 12 Shields, one for each type of damage reduction and a few extras that just looked cool. Fikusan The Monks's Weapons include a Fellblade of Enchanting and a Shield on her -energy set(25e), a Totem Axe and a Shield on her standard set(35e), a Totem Axe and a Divine Symbol on her pressured set(47e), and a Boar Scepter and a Divine Symbol on her Emergency set(72e). Fikusan The Monk Also has a +5 Gothic Axe of Fortitude for when she isn't playing a Protection Monk. Fikusan The Monk enjoys monking and has over 500 thousand experience from PvP monking alone. Fikusan The Monk Currently has not maxed titles, but is over 50% completed with 9 PvE titles. Fikusan The Monk prefers infusing over other various builds and no matter what build Fikusan The Monk plays, she rarely runs out of energy.
User Fikusan The Monk.jpg
Monk Fikusan The Monk
User Fikusan Temeran.jpg
Fikusan Temeran is Fikusan's First Elementalist and First character. Fikusan Temeran has been neglected by his master, and though he has beaten two of the three campaigns, he does not have all the skills for those campaigns. Fikusan Temeran has 3 sets of armor. His First set was 1.5k Hydromancer which was bought for him by his friend Trig The Monk. Fikusan Temeran's second armor set was the 1.5k Pyromancer armor which he bought for himself when he reached the Ring of Fire Island Chain. Fikusan Temeran's third armor set is 15k Pyromancer Armor, and though he now has access to better armor, he has never cared for the looks of anything other than the 15k Pyromancer Armor.
Elementalist Fikusan Temeran
Fikusan Temaran is Fikusan's second character. Fikusan Temaran has 7 sets of armor. His first set was 1.5k platemail, the second 1.5k gladiators, the third 1.5k knights, the fourth 15k glads, the fifth Fissure of War Armor, the sixth 1k sunspear, and the seventh 1.5k Sentinel Shing Jea. Fikusan Temaran is an experianced Droks Solor Runner. Fikusan Temaran enjoys farming and running(usually for free). Fikusan Temaran dislikes the idea that most warriors are tanks and refuses to act as a tank.
User Fikusan Temaran.jpg
Warrior Fikusan Temaran
User Fikusan Teh Ranger.jpg
Fikusan Teh Ranger was Fikusan's Third Character. Fikusan Teh Ranger has 3 sets of armor. His first set was the 1.5 Fir-Lined Armor set, his second set was the 1.5k Druids armor set, and the Third was the 1.5k Shing Jea Armor set. Fikusan Teh Ranger has Completed two of the three campaigns and has a good percentage of the skills for se campaigns. Fikusan Teh Ranger is seldom used and is Fikusan's Secondary runner behind Fikusan Temaran. Fikusan Teh Ranger enjoys trapping and Splinter-Barraging.
Ranger Fikusan Teh Ranger

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