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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions


PvX Characters[edit]

I think it's a good idea to change how a character type is defined for example a character when enters a PvP area it turns into a PvP character with all skills unlocked in account and its own features leveled to level cap temporary and so on and when enters towns it turns into Role Playing character

Why this is a good idea
  •   there's no need to have a character for PvP another one for Role Playing
  •   no more wasted character slot when someone has a PvP and Role Playing character with same profession
Why it may not work out
  •   it might be hard to implant
  •   it might causes glitches ?

Title Based Characters[edit]

for titles such as Survivor which is halted by a single death these types are chosen by player when he wants to go for such title e.g.: when a player chooses Survivor type for his character when his/her character dies he/she can decide whether to reset all experience and attribute points to 0 as well as amount of deaths and try again with his/her current gears and skills

Why this is a good idea
  •   no need to delete current character and make another one in order to retry that title
  •   no need to spend money on skills and gears (in case of Survivor title)
  •   easy to implant
  •   it can be considered as a subtype of PvX character type
Why it may not work out
  •   it might makes that title less challenging


Guild Scheduler[edit]

Something that is used to plan events in a guild including date of event , description and notifier for that event and so on
e.g. : Farming event on weekends and on weekends are notified on weekends that Farming event is started or is about to start

Why this is a good idea
  •  Makes guild more organized
  •  Reduces unnecessary changes of announcement
Why it may not work out
  • Sort of the same purpose of the guild anocement button


More advanced compass[edit]

Adding ability for better direction which can be turned on or off as group leader's desire features such as group leader looks different on compass and an indicator for leader's location something that guilds group members with lines and arrows to point that leader choices e.g.: when group leader click on a point on compass all group members are highlighted and they are guided to that point

Why this is a good idea
  • Useful on co operative missions and Group PvP battles
  • Helps missed group members find their way to group
Why it may not work out
  • It might be hard to implant


Better physics[edit]

Make game physics better like in games like Assassin's Creed[1] (well but not that complex!)

  • When a player moves he/she pushes other players around
  • When a player hits a wall or he/she avoids with some kinda animation
  • When a player uses a powerful skill it can pushes other player/enemy around or when a player makes a critical hit

Why this is a good idea
  •  Realism
  •  GW2 might be considered as the first MMO with such physics
Why it may not work out
  •  It might requires too much processing power
  •   It might cause lags


Armor Showcase[edit]

A place in the game or a feature where player can examine different armors with different colors before buying it

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