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My Info [edit]

IGN: Elementalist Judge Judas (account 1) / Ritualist Judge Julius (account 2)
19 characters over 2 accounts. GWAMM and 50/50 HoM scores on both accounts.
I have three 'main' characters, an Elementalist, a Ritualist and an Assassin, but I have a level 20 PvE character of each profession.
Mainly PvE-oriented.


I've been doing research into armor-related issues for a while. It started with Shields and their requirements.
Currently, I am doing research into armor stacking caps and Cracked Armor.
I have looked into Armor of Salvation and armor stacking and other armor stacking issues with Cracked Armor etc.

Some conclusions[edit]

  • The 25 armor cap category previously thought to only affect skill actually affects most armor modifying effects, so many that it is easier to write down what is excluded:
    • Base Armor, Insignia, Mysticism, Base Shield Armor, Inscription.
  • Armors of Salvation are included in the 25 armor cap category.
  • Cracked Armor breaks if you use any combination of skills and effects from the 25 armor cap category that amount to +45 or more total.
  • "I Am Unstoppable!"'s +24 armor is always granted, and is added after all other effects, and is not affected by any effect (like Cracked Armor or Armor Penetration). It also does not assist in breaking Cracked Armor. Yep, pretty bugged alright.

Current projects[edit]

My Builds[edit]

Rt/Mo FA Soul Twister[edit]

My first build submitted to PvX. Abuse Soul Twisting and turtle bugging to rage Luxons in FA. Try it and rate it please :).

Team - 7 Hero Player Support[edit]

My second build submitted to PvX. Plow through HM PvE like it's nothing with any profession.

My Sandbox[edit]

My Sandbox.

I'll add builds there from time to time. Currently making sand castles with:

  • 7HAoE: 7 heroes with AoE, tank 'n spank everything!.