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--ஸ Kyoshi User Kyoshi sig2.png

Thoughts of the whenever-I-update-this:
  • Getting tired of Guild Wars, but heal/prot in JQ is still a fun time.
My builds
HoM Reward Points: 40/50
Devotion: 5/8
Fellowship: 8/8
Honor: 15/18
Resilience: 7/8
Valor: 5/8
Guild: Fallen Saints United [PraY]
Account-wide titles:
Savior of the Luxons (12)
Champion of the Kurzicks (10)
Numchuck Skillz (3)
Companion of the Zaishen (3)
Unfavored (3)
Advanced Treasure Hunter (3)
Collector of Wisdom (2)
Lucky (2)
Ranger-tango-icon-20.png Kyoshi Bowmaster (title hunter)
Legendary Guardian
Legendary Skill Hunter
Spearmarshal (9)
Courageous Delver (8)
Valued Agent (8)
Not Too Lazy (8)
Revered Lightbringer (7)
Slayer of Heroes (7)
Veteran of the North (3)
Canthan Trailblazer
Tyrian Pathfinder
Elonian Explorer
Warrior Kyoshi Backbreaker
Mesmer Kyoshi Mindbender
Elementalist Kyoshi Firecaller
Necromancer Average Unknown
Ritualist Pale Was Kyoshi
Monk Kyoshi Divine
I am a contributor to the Skill animations project. Please feel free to place questions about, suggestions for, or issues with the project on my talk page.
Also see my projects page and feel free to help out. Thanks!