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Ranger holy spike[edit]

Heart of Holy Flame.jpg
Heart of Holy Flame
Glass Arrows.jpg
Glass Arrows
"I Am the Strongest!".jpg
"I Am the Strongest!"
Triple Shot (Kurzick).jpg
Triple Shot (Kurzick)
Keen Arrow.jpg
Keen Arrow
Needling Shot.jpg
Needling Shot
Lightning Reflexes.jpg
Lightning Reflexes
Primarily used for playing Hard Mode in areas with abundant undead
Attributes: I always go to 15 expertise (11+1+3) and balance from there, but that's probably terrible so whatever
Weapons: Zealous bow (hornbow probably) of enchanting, or another enchanting weapon with whatever suffix you want
Armor: Scout's or whatever, runes to taste
  • Switch Heart for Conjures to suit different weaknesses, or remove entirely
  • Barrage? Never tried
  • Heals if needed, probably something from Wind Prayers
  • Interrupts
  • Battle Standards


FA Temple Strike[edit]

Dark Prison.jpg
Dark Prison
Black Lotus Strike.jpg
Black Lotus Strike
Temple Strike.jpg
Temple Strike
Wild Strike (PvP).jpg
Wild Strike (PvP)
Twisting Fangs.jpg
Twisting Fangs
Critical Strike.jpg
Critical Strike
Heart of Shadow.jpg
Heart of Shadow
Attributes: Deadly Arts 5, Shadow Arts 7, Critical Strikes 11+1+1, Dagger Mastery 11+1
Weapons: Zealous 15^50 Fortitude daggers, non-zealous set, high and low and such if you want
Armor: Nightstalker or Radiant insignias (or whatever you want), Superior Vigor, Critical Strikes and Dagger Mastery to taste, Vitae on the rest
  • Primarily harass squishies but blind troublesome physicals (like Defy Pain wars) if you really want to
  • Wild Strike for stance removal or getting to dual with less energy
  • Critical strike for energy
  • Heart of Shadow mainly for mobility

JQ Psychic Instability[edit]

Hex Breaker.jpg
Hex Breaker
Psychic Instability (PvP).jpg
Psychic Instability (PvP)
Cry of Frustration.jpg
Cry of Frustration
Wastrel's Worry.jpg
Wastrel's Worry
Wastrel's Demise.jpg
Wastrel's Demise
Chaos Storm.jpg
Chaos Storm
Drain Enchantment.jpg
Drain Enchantment
Natural Healing.jpg
Natural Healing
Attributes: Domination Magic 12+1+3, Fast Casting 10+1, Wind Prayers 8, Inspiration Magic 2
Weapons: 40/40 Domination set, high and low energy and stuff if you're so inclined
Armor: Domination headpiece, Prodigy insignias, Superior Vigor, Superior Domination, Minor Fast Casting, Vitaes to fill out
  • Hex Breaker on end/removal
  • Capping full jade shrines:
  1. Wastrel's Worry on mid mesmer
  2. Psychic Instability (will guaranteed get the interrupt at this Fast Casting spec)
  3. Wastrel's Demise, then reapply Worry when it ends
  4. Cry next skill (if any)
  • Capping guard shrines:
  1. Chaos Storm (should trigger Bestial Fury)
  2. Wastrel's Worry or Wastrel's Demise
  3. Interrupt Power Shot or Pin Down while Wastrel's is on, soon as possible; doesn't matter which interrupt
If you have to move, stay in range of the shrine so they don't run from Chaos Storm
  • Spam both Wastrel's on end/removal to kill turtles/juggernauts, interrupt healer escorts if possible, etc etc.
  • Be sure to interrupt RoJ's, nukers, and anyone else trying to take a shrine.
  • Focus on disabling enemy healers while you're trying to take a shrine, especially if there are other people on your team trying to take it.
  • For bombers, Drain Enchantment, Cry on Putrid Bile if possible, then PI the first skill used at the shrine so the shrine mesmers can shatter them.