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Hi and welcome in my user page !

I'm a total noob in wiki editing but I want to contribute to this one ^^ because its official, because I use it nearly every day when I play, and because I want to help the community ! I'm currently reading the policies and noob guides here, so any infos, tips,.. would be appreciated in my User talk :) (If there are easy editions I can make tell me...)

Note that I'm not english. While I can contribute with a moderate level of English, I make some odd mistakes :/ Tell it to me if it happens.


I'm in Guild Wars since one of the first public betas (I've earned a beta key on a gaming website ^^).

I'm a proud member of Les Hypes.

My characters :

  • ElementalistAthelean Noircastel : My first and favorite character, although I begin to be a bit bored with the elementalist easy gameplay ^^.
  • AssassinSiva Winterlong : My second lv20 character, made with the release of Factions. I don't play it anymore, because I was a noob in combo skills and died a lot. Fortunately I play better now ^^. Her name is a reference to two songs of The Smashing Pumpkins.
  • DervishAelan Ra : I started my Dervish recently, and came to Gate of Madness. I don't have a very good build, cause I never played a Melee/tank before.
  • RitualistArcane De Minuit : I tried the survivor title, but died recently at lv18... I started again and she's now lv12. Her name is in french and means "Arcane Of Midnight".
  • AssassinHey Gimme A Beat : My PvP Alliance battle assassin. With a self made build which do insane damages ^^. The Sin's gameplay + the AB gameplay + good music = win !