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About me

Spanish GW player, male. Been playing GW since the very beginning. Fan of RPGs, Metal music (specially Power, Heavy and Folk), animes and a true football lover. Don't hesitate to whisp ingame for a chat :)

Current Goals (completed)

Primary Characters

Secondary Characters

  • Complete Legendary Guardian for Ritualist.
  • Get all necromancer elite armors.
  • Reach GWAMM with necromancer.
  • Reach GWAMM with warrior.
  • Reach GWAMM with monk.
  • Improve the self-drop OS Q9 15^50 Weapon collection.

NecromancerManwe Darkspell

Warrior|| Arya Stark ||

MonkShiroki Hikari

AssassinInari Hatake

RangerNhera Aredhel

ElementalistEldar Astaroth

RitualistArya Stark ||

Paragon|| Jon Nieve ||

New Characters

Pre-Searing Characters

DervishElwe Mantogris

MesmerAedhlen Chaostorm

NecromancerArya Entrelospies


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