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Basic Info


I've written articles for the GuildWars community, which earned me the status of Site-Contributor at guildwarguru and team-iq forums] (now R.I.P.). The articles are probably my main form of helping out on guildwiki and/or the official wiki. Any information or images in the following articles is free to be copy-pasted anywhere on the wiki with my full permission and support.

Articles overview:

May 2005: Community Works - Rare Material Artisans @ GWG

Sep 2005: Prophecies Henchman: the survival guide @ SoF website partly outdated

Sep 2005: Pick-up Groups: The Survival Guide@ GWG

Dec 2005: Birth of a Bonder @ GWG

Jan 2006: PvE chars preperation for PvP: limits and advantages @ team iQ (RIP) OUTDATED

Jun 2006: Connecting with the Spirit World @ team iQ (RIP) & GWG

Nov 2006: Monking: Skills & Decisions in perspective @ GWG

Dec 2006: Snowball Arena Guide @ GWG


My PvE Characters are:

  • Makkert I
  • Makkert Ii
  • Makkert Trinisphere
  • Yakslappin Was Makk
  • Makkert Vivendel

My permanent PvP Character is:

  • Makkert Valentis

Second Account:

  • Makkert Vitiosus

Details for the interested are here.