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Although the updates are never as quick to arrive as I'd like I think Guild Wars is a game that just gets better and better. I'm still having a lot of fun after over six years. Making up new team builds with heroes is endlessly entertaining to me.

I'm pretty sure I have some embarrassingly high deaths per hour: User Manifold character stats.jpg

Guild Wars Wiki focuses[edit]

Accomplishments in Guild Wars[edit]

  • Maxing 35 titles on my Ritualist. All h/h except for Vizunah Square. No builds from websites or other people.
  • Beating all campaigns with all professions.
  • Maxing Unlucky, Lucky, Wisdom, Treasure Hunter, Kurzick, and Luxon without speed clears or running a quest.
  • Collecting almost every green in the game.
  • Achieving Legendary Master of the North on three characters.
  • Being a guild leader to ~100 people for over a year.
  • Unlocking everything, using only about 10,000 faction.
  • Holding almost 2 million gold on an account at one time, no power trading or speed clearing.
  • 50 points in HoM calculator

Things to accomplish in Guild Wars[edit]

  • Get Legendary Vanquisher on my dervish, via Zaishen Vanquishes.
  • Complete every dungeon with every class, no runs. Maybe 70% done with this?
  • Work on my Zaishen title, since there's nothing else to spend money on.


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