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Warrior-icon.pngMann Of Strength Ascalon Razor.png[edit]

User Mann Of Strength MoS.jpg
  • Level: 20
  • Born: 15-01-2006, Tyrian
  • Prophecies Campaign: Completed
  • Factions Campaign: Completed
  • Nightfall Campaign: Completed
  • Eye of the North Expansion: Not completed
  • Primary character
  • Favorite Skills:
  • Pet:
  • Black Wolf, lvl 5, named Blacky
  • Armor:
User Mann Of Strength Gladie.jpg
User Mann Of Strength Ancient.jpg
User Mann Of Strength Templar.jpg
  • Weapons:
  • Mentionable Titles:
Signet of Capture.jpg
    Legendary Skill Hunter (1)
    Tyrian Elite Skill Hunter (1)
    Canthan Elite Skill Hunter (1)
    Elonian Elite Skill Hunter (1)
    Tyrian Trailblazer (80%)
    Canthan Pathfinder (70%)
    Sweet Tooth (1)
    Sunspear General (7)
    Not too Clumsy (3)
    Gusty Delver (3)
    Slayer of Beasts (2)
    Brave Lightbringer (3)

  • Other Accomplishments:
  • Sorrow's Furnace
  • Goals:
  • Getting the Connoisseur of Confectionaries title Red Bean Cake.png
  • Builds:
Ear Bite.jpg
Cyclone Axe.jpg
Executioner's Strike.jpg
Tiger Stance.jpg
Enraging Charge.jpg
Lion's Comfort.jpg

Standing Slash.jpg
Sun and Moon Slash.jpg
Dragon Slash.jpg
Enraging Charge.jpg
Lion's Comfort.jpg
"For Great Justice!".jpg
Resurrection Signet.jpg

Pulverizing Smash.jpg
Mighty Blow.jpg
Auspicious Blow.jpg
Drunken Blow.jpg
Balanced Stance.jpg
Healing Signet.jpg
"For Great Justice!".jpg