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This here page shows the main characters I use, with one on the way which will soon become a level 20. This character is the ranger, Matt The Bowmaster

Here are the characters.

I would like to thank the makers of the tables and the character pages layouts. The table layout creator, Thulsey. And the creater of the character sheets, Lensor. Thankyou both of you ^__^. (Atleast I think you two made these XD) Anyway, here are the characters and click on the names that are encoded with a hyperlink, they will take you to that characters page. The images do not, they take you to another place..... xD)

Matt The Powerful
Elementalist-icon.png Matt The Powerful
Slayer of Champions, Adventurous Delver, Spearmarshal, Conquering Lightbringer, Legendary Cartographer, Friend of the Luxons, Hapless, and more.
Matt The Mystical
Dervish-icon.png Matt The Mystical
Sunspear Commander, Friend of the Luxons, Hapless.
The Forgiven Monk
Monk-icon.png The Forgiven Monk
Friend of the Luxons, Hapless.
Matt The Bowmaster
Ranger-icon.png Matt The Bowmaster
Friend of the Luxons, Hapless.