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The Elite Dervish Guild [Derv][edit]

The Elite Dervish Guild Derv
Guild The Elite Dervish Guild cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language English
Faction Luxon
No. of members 5
Time zone GMT

This page contains information to help you decide if you wish to join our 'family' or not. :-)

General Information[edit]

The Elite Dervish Guild was founded by Scythe Master Dan on the 18th of April 2008. Our guild is new so we therefore have a small number of members, 5. Once we have grown to a larger size, we may do some guild activites, like FoW trips and hardmode vanquishing. We might also do meetings once large enough.


[Derv] are currently recruiting friendly and loyal players into the guild. We expect you to be fairly active, if you are inactive for over 3 weeks you will be kicked, unless you leave us a message that you are off on a long holiday or are busy with school/college work etc ;) If you wish to join, please message either the leader or one of the officers listed below in game, or, leave a message on Matt The Powerfuls talk page.

Contact information[edit]


  • Scythe Master Dan


  • Cartman Cuteghe
  • Matt The Powerful, his talk page
  • Sir Crazy Psycho

Note: it us unknown wether the leader or the other officers have a GWW account, so for the time being, their talk pages are not displayed.

Unknown Alliance
Leader Unknown
Members Unknown