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About Me[edit]

Hi there,

I've been playing Guild Wars since the first week Prophecies rolled out, and you still probably know more about GW than I do!

Primary toon is a female R/Mo named Faith Mirkwood. In real life, I'm neither a ranger or a female :o)

Titles earned:

Protector of Tyria

Protector of Elona

Protector of Cantha

Legendary Spearmarshal

Holy Lightbringer

Lengendary Cartographer (yes, I'm a wall-hugger)

Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer

Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer

Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer

Tyrian Skill Hunter

People Know Me

Seeker of Wisdom

Treasure Hunter

Survivor (but not with my Ranger - got this one with my P/W toon, Joose Boxx).

Mirkwood 01:35, 26 July 2007 (UTC)

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