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First annual series[edit]

White Purple Gold Green
  • Miniature Fungal Wallow.png Fungal Wallow
  • Miniature Hydra.png Hydra
  • Miniature Jade Armor.png Jade Armor
  • Miniature Jungle Troll.png Jungle Troll
  • Miniature Necrid Horseman.png Necrid Horseman
  • Miniature Siege Turtle.png Siege Turtle
  • Miniature Temple Guardian.png Temple Guardian
  • Miniature Whiptail Devourer.png Whiptail Devourer
  • Miniature Burning Titan.png Burning Titan
  • Miniature Charr Shaman.png Charr Shaman
  • Miniature Kirin.png Kirin
  • Miniature Prince Rurik.png Prince Rurik
  • Miniature Shiro.png Shiro Tagachi
  • Miniature Bone Dragon.png Bone Dragon

Second annual series[edit]

White Purple Gold Green
  • Miniature Aatxe.png Aatxe
  • Miniature Fire Imp.png Fire Imp
  • Miniature Heket Warrior.png Heket Warrior
  • Miniature Juggernaut.png Juggernaut
  • Miniature Mandragor Imp.png Mandragor Imp
  • Miniature Harpy Ranger.png Harpy Ranger
  • Miniature Thorn Wolf.png Thorn Wolf
  • Miniature Wind Rider.png Wind Rider
  • Miniature Elf.png Elf
  • Miniature Koss.png Koss
  • Miniature Palawa Joko.png Palawa Joko
  • Miniature Lich.png Lich Lord
  • Miniature Water Djinn.png Water Djinn
  • Miniature Gwen.png Gwen

Third annual series[edit]

White Purple Gold Green
  • Miniature Abyssal.png Abyssal
  • Miniature Cave Spider.png Cave Spider
  • Miniature Cloudtouched Simian.png Cloudtouched Simian
  • Miniature Irukandji.png Irukandji
  • Miniature Forest Minotaur.png Forest Minotaur
  • Miniature Raptor.png Raptor
  • Miniature Roaring Ether.png Roaring Ether
  • Miniature Mursaat.png Mursaat
  • Miniature Freezie.png Freezie
  • Miniature Nornbear.png Nornbear
  • Miniature Ooze.png Ooze
  • Miniature Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh.png Black Beast Of Arrgh
  • White Rabbit.png White Rabbit
  • Miniature Mad King Thorn.png Mad King Thorn

Fourth annual series[edit]

White Purple Gold Green
  • Miniature Abomination.png Abomination
  • Miniature Desert Griffon.png Desert Griffon
  • Miniature Dredge Brute.png Dredge Brute
  • Miniature Krait Neoss.png Krait Neoss
  • Miniature Kveldulf.png Kveldulf
  • Miniature Quetzal Sly.png Quetzal Sly
  • Miniature Terrorweb Dryder.png Terrorweb Dryder
  • Miniature Word of Madness.png Word of Madness
  • Miniature Flowstone Elemental.png Flowstone Elemental
  • Miniature Jora.png Jora
  • Miniature Nian.png Nian
  • Miniature Dagnar Stonepate.png Dagnar Stonepate
  • Miniature Flame Djinn.png Flame Djinn
  • Miniature Eye of Janthir.png Eye of Janthir

Fifth annual series[edit]

White Purple Gold Green
  • Miniature Cobalt Scabara.png Cobalt Scabara
  • Miniature Fire Drake.png Fire Drake
  • Miniature Ophil Nahualli.png Ophil Nahualli
  • Miniature Scourge Manta.png Scourge Manta
  • Miniature Seer.png Seer
  • Miniature Shard Wolf.png Shard Wolf
  • Miniature Siege Devourer.png Siege Devourer
  • Miniature Summit Giant Herder.png Stone Summit Giant Herder
  • Miniature Candysmith Marley.png Candysmith Marley
  • Miniature Oola.png Oola
  • Miniature Ventari.png Ventari
  • Miniature King Adelbern.png King Adelbern
  • Miniature Zhu Hanuku.png Zhu Hanuku
  • Miniature M.O.X..png M.O.X.

Special edition[edit]

Acquisition method Green
Guild Wars Factions Collector's Edition
  • Miniature Kuunavang.png Kuunavang
Guild Wars Nightfall Collector's Edition
  • Miniature Varesh.png Varesh Ossa

In-game reward[edit]

Acquisition method Gold Green
Victory Chest  
  • NA-icon.png Ghostly Hero
Coffer of Whispers  
  • Miniature Mallyx.png Mallyx
Underworld Chest
  • Miniature Smite Crawler.png Smite Crawler
  • Miniature Dhuum.png Dhuum
Cross-campaign scavenger hunt  
Canthan New Year
  • Miniature Pig.png Pig (2007)
  • Miniature Celestial Rat.png Celestial Rat (2008)
  • Miniature Celestial Pig.png Celestial Pig (2008)
  • Miniature Celestial Ox.png Celestial Ox (2009)
  • Miniature Celestial Tiger.png Celestial Tiger (2010)
  • Miniature Celestial Rabbit.png Celestial Rabbit (2011)
  • NA-icon.png Greased Lightning
  • NA-icon.png Polar Bear
Gift of the Traveler
  • Miniature Brown Rabbit.png Brown Rabbit
Royal Gift
  • Miniature Evennia.png Evennia
  • Miniature Livia.png Livia
  • Miniature Princess Salma.png Princess Salma
White Mantle (War in Kryta)  
  • NA-icon.png Confessor Dorian
  • NA-icon.png Confessor Isaiah
Peacekeepers (War in Kryta)  
  • NA-icon.png Peacekeeper Enforcer
  • Miniature Ghostly Priest.png Ghostly Priest
  • Miniature Guild Lord.png Guild Lord
  • NA-icon.png High Priest Zhang
  • NA-icon.png Rift Warden


Acquisition method Purple Gold
PC Gamer  
  • Miniature Asura.png Asura
  • Miniature Destroyer of Flesh.png Destroyer
  • Miniature Gray Giant.png Gray Giant
San Diego Comic-Con 2007,
Indianapoilis Gen Con (2007),
Penny Arcade Expo (2007),
European Magazine Promotions
  • Miniature Grawl.png Grawl
  • Miniature Ceratadon.png Ceratadon


Purple Gold Green
  • NA-icon.png Longhair Yeti
  • NA-icon.png Naga Raincaller
  • NA-icon.png Oni
  • NA-icon.png Island Guardian
  • NA-icon.png Mad King's Guard
  • NA-icon.png Panda
  • Miniature Shiro'ken Assassin.png Shiro'ken Assassin
  • NA-icon.png Zhed
  • NA-icon.png Kanaxai
  • NA-icon.png Vizu