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Hey! Welcome to my page, my name's Nate, I'm 24 and have been playing gws since late 2005.
On the wiki I'm mostly fiddling around with images (though I've been known to mess up edit a text article or two on occasion) and flood the rc page as part of the category cleanup project.
I don't care for drama so you probably wouldn't find me playing with the trolls (or their keepers, heh). I tend to just stick to contributing in whatever way I find enjoyable.

Favorite Pics[edit]

As mentioned, I put most of my efforts in updating images or adding missing ones (focusing especially on monster pics). I do this because I enjoy it (no, really!).
Here you can find some of my favorite images as well as a link to my gallery of bored creativity:

Gallery of Boredom

Other Info[edit]

The layout for this page was stolen from Aiiane, it's kinda still under construction.

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