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Category cleanup

Categories on the wiki can be a very useful search tool, The goal of this project is to identify problems with categorization, and develop and implement processes to fix them in a way to make them most useful.

How do Categories work?[edit]

Articles and images are added to various categories to easily identify them by like properties. This helps to keep information organized in a way that makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for outside of the general Search functions. Categories can be easily accessed from the Guild Wars Wiki:Categorical index.


To Do[edit]

  • Identify categories that have problems.
  • Develop processes that will fix the problems.
  • Implement changes.

Problem categories[edit]

Category:User images[edit]

Problem 1:
Due to image naming requirements, the word User is required as the first word of every user image name. Media wiki automatically sorts pages in categories by file name unless otherwise specified. This means that every properly named user image would sort alphabetically by the letter U making the use of a Category index invalid.
Change the {{user image}} template to include a variable to add the Username to the categorization to force sorting.
Add the username variable to all images currently in the category.
Problem 2:
Not all user images have the proper licensing tags (i.e. {{screenshot}}, {{ArenaNet image}}).
Solution and Implementation:
Add appropriate licensing templates.
Problem 3: NEW
Many user images are orphans.
Solution and Implementation
Check What links here.
Tag {{delete|orphaned image}} if they were uploaded more than three months previously.
Problem 4:
Some user images are improperly named.
Solution and Implementation:
Correct links to improperly named images, and move the images to the correct name. Redirects created by these moves should be tagged for speedy deletion as R2:Unnecessary redirects.
Note: Problems 1, 2 and 3 can be resolved with a single edit.
Implementation progress
All images that apply to problem 1, and as such need to be revised, can be found here.
YesA • YesB • YesC • YesD • YesE • YesF • YesG • YesH • YesI • YesJ • YesK • YesL • YesM
YesN • YesO • YesP • YesQ • YesR • NoS • NoT • NoU • NoV • NoW • NoX • NoY • NoZ


Problem 1: The {{Weapon infobox}} doesn't properly categorize weapons, or has not been filled in completely enough to do so. Some recent changes to the infobox have alleviated some of the problems for unique weapons, but non-unique weapons are still a mess.
Look at the infobox and see what kind of improvements can be made to it's functionality. (How to auto-categorize by type/campaign/attribute/bowclass and potentially damage type)
Fill in the missing information in the infoboxes on weapon pages.