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From Anet with love.
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About (Well a little about) Paradox


My Characters

GW is fun

Paradox Pre User Paradox Gw006.jpg User Paradox Blue elem.png Rin Estrendent

Bowman Aurora User Paradox Gw061.jpg User Paradox Gw060.jpg Eddie Van Healin

Infinity ParadoxUser Paradox Gw059.jpg User Paradox Gw062.jpg Bo Bo The Monkey

The friends are what I like most. I used to play pre only but im starting to get more and more into post. I'm making a survivor monk hoping that will be my title hunter.

The Crew:

Paradox Pre W/R 16 - Pre

My main pre character. She can solo charr in about 3 mins on a good day.

Rin Estrendent E/ 14 - Pre

Thought of a name, and one of my goals was a 14 ele in pre, he hit 12 in 2 days.

Eddie Van Healin Mo/x 20 - Post

Kinda wanted a monk, and im a huge EVH fan.

Bowman Aurora R/x 20 - Post

My first ever GW character.

Infinity Paradox W/x 20 - Post

What started the 'paradox' name

Bo Bo The Monkey N/x 20 - Post

Dont know where I got that name, but I wish I could change it. Too bad I dont want to delete cause this guy is the only one whos completed NF. He had obisidan but then it got deleted along with a bunch of other armors when I accidentally deleted my mule.

More About Me

My goals in GW

I'm Paradox, I am currently an officer in the guild [DRGN] I used to be in the guild [HiDE], I was in there with some of the coolest people I know in GW, Alan, and Xander. I joined DRGN 'cause it was a Pre Sear guild only, I love DRGN, one of the best guilds i've been in! Im starting to get more and more into post and made a survivor monk, hopefully to have some fow armor ^^

After actually being taught how to play I quit pre sear and moved to post only. Alan and Xander taught me everything I know about GW and also showed me how to not be noobish. I really owe them. I also took on the name of Squishy.

After being in HiDE for a while, I decided I was going to get back into Pre, with my war being at 12 months (took about 6 months to get to 14 then I quit). I opened up a minipet gift and got a wallow, thanks Anet. That brought me up about 10k and let my warrior get some runes for my armor. Before this I had sold James about 50 ecto and shards so I could get a minor vigor, not realising that 1 month later, Charr salvage kits came. Again, Thanks Anet.


I have been playing GW since beta. Good times, fun memories.

Survivor on a monk, Rank 3 luxon, Lvl 14 ele in pre (complete), lvl 16 warrior in pre (complete), elite galds on warrior (complete), At least some fow armor on any character.