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Necromancer Miza Death

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Titles and Honors:

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Elite Skills

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PvE Only Skills

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Miza was born some hundred years after the arrival of humans in Elona. Her mother and father were normal humans devout to the Gods of Tyria. Her parents considred her a blessing sent down from Dwanya herself.


However, Miza proved to not be sent from Dwanya... but from something much worse. She was a disturbed child, some of the town people called her and insane child of Abaddon... Miza enjoyed vile things like death, power, money, blood. Sometimes in her village the mutilated corpses of farm animals would suddenly show up. Many blamed her for these actions but her parents denied that their daughter could do such a thing.

Young adulthood

When Miza was a teenager she became much more disturbed. Sometimes she would disappear for days and return home with no memory of her time away... she just remembered feeling pure exstacy and bliss. As she grew older she began speaking in an unknown tongue only to herself. At times she would sit on the ground for hours and just talk to herself. The towns people were greatly disturbed by this and feared her and her family greatly.

One day the bodies of three people were found each with their hearts cut out; Miza was found with them, her eyes glazed over in a purplish haze. She held the hearts up and screamed "The god who comes needs tribute!". The towns people immediately took her to be burned, she was a murderer and nothing more... her parents joined the cause. She was strapped to a tree surrounded by leaves and twigs which were immediately set on fire. Before the fire reached her body she called out to the people, "My god I offer these beings to you, let them bask in your holy exstacy!". She screamed as the flames reached her and burned her body killing her. The towns people all cheered at the sight of Miza's death, but the cheering suddenly stopped as Miza rose from her own ashes with pale, dead looking skin and bright white hair. She looked at the crowd and began to scream and shake violently. The towns people screamed as their hearts literally busted in their chests. She looked at the bodies of her fellow countrymen and she whispered, "Long live Dionysus".

Present day

Miza has committed to finding the perfect host for her mystery god. No one besides her has ever even heard of this so called "Dionysus" in Tyria. However, it is assumed that Miza is just and insane Undead Lich that no one dares to come near. Miza has recently taken a certain interest in the mysterious Phnz Dvn... she is not quite sure what he is, but knows he is not human. She has made a temporary partnership with him in order to investigate further.

Rumors have spread that the Undead Lich, Miza, has become a Krytan Peacekeeper.

Powers and abilites

The following is a list of observed abilities of Miza:

  • Raising the dead
  • Controlling undead beings
  • Able to send non-magical humans into an uncontrollable cannibalistic frenzy. (with direct contact to the skin)
  • Able to partially manipulate the minds of sub-humans (i.e. Norn, Afflicted, Hekets, certain Demons, etc.)
  • Able to temporarily control weak minded, non-magical humans. (with direct contact to the skin)
  • Can spread disease to non-magical humans.
  • Can shapeshift into certain types of demons. (only when the sun is not present)
  • Is not seen by the eyes of Abaddon's minions.
  • Enhanced strength
  • Fast healing


The following is a list of observed weaknesses of Miza:

  • Cannot enter hallowed ground. (i.e. holy temples, blessed graveyards, Temple of Ages, etc.)
  • Repelled by images of Dwayana.
  • Asura and Charr are immune to her mind manipulation.



Miza's armor is made from the bones and skin of many different creatures (including humans). She wears a horned mask into battle to "please Dionysus, the horned god".


Miza is sociopathic, she has no remorse or regret for anything she's done. She constantly speaks of Dionysus and he consumes what little life she has. She revolts Grenth, claming he is a betrayer of Dionysus; however, she supports him in his quest for longer winters. She says "longer winters cause dead crops, dead crop cause hunger, hunger causes madness, madness causes exstacy".