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I have been playing Guild Wars for almost 2 years now. Throughout my time playing I have tried and experienced many aspects of the game.
I have been in a few different Guilds and have tried to not leave unless absolutely necessary. My first Guild was Sanctity Of Necros [SofN], I met many interesting people here, served as an officer and enjoyed most of my time there. However when I fell out with the leader I decided it was time to move on. On 11/09/06 I formed the Ascalon Defense League [AsDL] and began my first attempt at being a Guild Leader, it went surprisingly well and I only stopped leading because I wanted more time to do my own things, so I left the Guild attached to my 2nd Account.
I then spent 6 Months in Guild Nirvana [GN] where I learnt alot more about the game. The members were friendly and helpful, and I really enjoyed my time there. The election system they operated for Officers kept things fresh and I became an Officer at the first elections I was there for. As a PvE player everything was cool, however when a fair few of us made the transition to PvP players things were not working as well. Eventually I became an Officer for PvP and attempted to make things better for us. However when I relised things weren't going to get any better I decided that I would give it a week and then either leave or stay. I explained what I was going to do to everyone I played with at that point, and after hearing that many of them were considering leaving as well, I decided to go back to leading AsDL, this time as a PvP Guild.
Under the AsDL tag we began to play in HA with PuGs and some of the people that had stayed with GN. We quickly started picking up new members and within about 2 months I had felt we were ready to begin GvGing. As a fairly new Guild with little GvG experience our first win took a while to come, but after it came more quickly followed. Before we got our first GvG win someone had jokingly said on Vent that our Guild name was cursed, so we changed ourselfs from AsDL to Jam Death [Jd]. During this time we had developed a solid core of around 7 members, with the other 5 generally being recruits collected after people left the guild. This made the situation difficult to control since we couldn't win as much as we could had we had the full team we needed. Unfortunately I had to move and was unable to access Guild Wars for around 2 weeks, during this time everyone but the core left the Guild. After I got back we tried to get a more stable team together, but after the 100th GvG I decided it was time to close down.
After this I went unguilded for around a week until I was contacted by my friend who had started playing the Game a day or two before me and had also been in SofN with me. He invited me to the Heveans Rebels [HR], only to find out that all of my favourate people from SofN had relocated there. I eventually left to join one of the Allied Guilds The Order Of The Mist [Mist] when I was playing with them more than HR.
Thanks to my good friend Jonny I now have Chaos Gloves and my Unlucky title due to him lending me the gold to grab them quicker than I should have.
Thats all for now.
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