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Guild Guild Nirvana emblem.png
Guild Nirvana [GN]
Guild Nirvana [GN]
Guild Guild Nirvana Cape.png
Territory Europe
Language English
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members ~ 100
Guild Hall Imperial Isle
Forums Guild Nirvana

Guild Nirvana was founded on the 31st March, 2006 by 8 long term Guild Wars players who felt they needed a place where having fun in game was the most paramount concern. In short we just want to have as much fun as can be had in our game time.

Our intent is to pursue all aspects of the game, be it PvE/AB/PvP or GvG. Our aim is to provide a community where like minded individuals can fully enjoy the aspect of Guild Wars that interests them most.

Our existing membership have many thousands of game hours under their belts and are always willing to assist others. Nirvana is about fun and being as good at having fun as we can be! So sure we want to get into the HoH and win! You bet we want to control the Cantha map but when it all goes wrong we are going to laugh at ourselves and with our friends.

Nirvana players are in all parts of the world but mainly have accounts on the Euro servers.

Guild Nirvana is a group of players who understand that not everyone can be on all the time. That said Guild Nirvana organize numerous events throughout each week to ensure everyone has as much to do in game as they want.

Guild Guild Nirvana emblem.png
Contact information

Feel free to contact the guild leader or any of the officers in game.

  • Leader
    • O L M
  • Officers
    • Cheeky Wizard
    • Ellipsis Incanta
    • Crush Firestorm
    • Fesk Element
    • Heather The Holy
    • Miko Angelica
    • Murthag The Great

Guild Guild Nirvana emblem.png

Visit our website at Guild Nirvana

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