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Angel Sharks [As]

Angel Sharks [As]
Guild Angel Sharks cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language English
Faction Luxon
Type PvE/PvP
No. of members ~60
Guild Hall Warrior Isle
VoIP TeamSpeak


The Angel Sharks [As] guild is a Guild Wars guild which was founded during the beta weekends in 2004, making it one of the oldest GW guilds still active. The guild was established by a group of ~ 15 players moving to GW from a Neverwinter Nights online server where they have been playing together for many years before that. So in a way you could say that the guild dates back as far as the year 2002.

The guild's first leader and name giver was Mica Engrivis – he is still a member of Angel Sharks but passed on the leadership of the guild to Laura Fantus in November 2005 since he felt a temporary lure towards “that other online RPG whose name shall not be mentioned” and a thing called “real life”. Surprisingly many of the guild's charter members are still active today. What started out as a smaller guild of around 20 friends became the the rather large community it is today.

Together, Angel Sharks combined with DVD Forums to found the DVDF Alliance, which we were a part of and co-lead for nigh on 2 years. We made very many good friends there, and had an amazing amount of fun, but as of June 2008, Angel Sharks left the alliance to move in it's own direction for it's members.

Currently, the guild is being led by a relatively long-term member Omega Finale after the guild disconnected it's ties with the DVDF Alliance, and reformed to resume the old [As] tag. Omega has taken a sabbatical from gameplay, and at this time Aranel Selari has taken over the position. Aranel has since relinquished her position to Vertigo Inc, due to her often long periods of lack of internet function and other comittments.

[As] joined the [Celt] Luxon alliance in 2009/2010.

While not actively recruiting we welcome those who wish to contribute their skills to the place we call home.

The Guild

Our members are from all over the world: Europe, North America and Australia. We do not limit ourselves to a certain continent, country or even region as you can see with so many other GW guilds – but we embrace being an international community, aiming to play with and talk to people from all around the globe. The guild has made its home on the American server, but we have members having accounts both on the EU and US servers.

We are a bit biased towards PvE but are not considering ourselves to be a PvE only guild since many of us enjoy PvP as well. Our main field of expertise is the PvE field still, and Angel Sharks members took part in many dangerous and challenging operations all over the world of Guild Wars. We can proudly say that many of our members belong to the more experienced players in GW and there is no class we don't have expert players for who can stand up to any in GW. Our PvE prowess doesn't end with quests and missions – we have successfully beaten both Canthan elite missions, the Domain of Anguish and Slaver's Exile time and again. We have cleared out the entire Fissure of Woe many times over with both standard and non-standard builds and run many explorations to the deeper parts of the Underworld where no smite farmer has gone before. And we have entered the record board of more than one Challenge Mission in the past, holding the all time top score at Zos Shivros for quite a while and we ended up on the Challenge mission ladder in the top 20 in that period. Hard Mode is something we do daily. And last but not least we have been in control of every Kurzick town up to Tanglewood Copse together with our allied guilds – despite we never set any official goals or even quotas regarding the donation of faction.

While we don't really specialize in high-end Player vs Player combat, our guild has set some marks even there. We have been ladder ranked for a while and Angel Sharks teams have been roaming Heroes's Ascent where they were able to beat even some of the more exposed HA guilds in some matches. And yes, some of our members scored Hall of Heroes wins, too.

We Angel Sharks put a very strong emphasis on a mature behavior of the guild's members. Maturity, among other things, means to us that our guild chat and voice communication is free of rude or obscene language, swearing, ALL CAPS and 1337 sp34k since most of us are way too old to find any of this particularly funny. Speaking of age, most of us are in their 20s or 30s, so we generally prefer to recruit players over the age of 20. We have members of both genders, our average age is around 26 - the youngest member being 18, the eldest is in their mid-50s. Many of our members have clocked 4-digit numbers of hours spent playing GW, with a few in the 5-digit numbers, and are among the more experienced players in GW. However, that doesn't mean we're a guild for hardcore players only – like anything else in our guild, our activity rules are quite relaxed and take into consideration that most of our members have a full-time job which prevents them from playing GW all day including the nights (not that it wouldn't be nice, though).

Our Vision

First off, let me start with what we are NOT about:

  • We are not overly striving to become one of the top ranked GvG guilds since many of us believe that this level of competitiveness and having fun are mutually exclusive.
  • We are not 24/7 faction farmers who are constantly swarming out to gather more faction in order to conquer the capital city (we did own a town in the past though - despite we never forced anyone to farm faction). Most of the time our alliance faction is very low, though. We just don't care. :)
  • We are not a farming guild by any means. While many of us do the occassional smite farm or chest run, becoming rich is not a primary objective for the vast majority of our members. Most of us will try to gain some money to pay for armor or the occassional vanity item - but money is not the primary goal why we play Guild Wars.
  • We are not overly keen on drama nor politics. Many of us play to enjoy without these hassles that bother us enough in real life.

What we are about:

  • Our aim is to be a guild of close friends that come together and have fun with the game in a environment free of trouble, arguments and immaturity (there is enough of that in real life already).
  • We want our guild to be able to beat the most difficult PvE challenges in the game and shine with a smile while doing so.
  • We want to be a helpful guild where members rush to a comrade's side if assistance with missions/skill caps or builds is needed/desired.
  • We want to be a guild that – while not competing for the top positions in the guild ladder – is still being feared as an enemy in PvP.
  • We want to be an international guild with members from around the globe to play and chat with.
  • Yet, we still want to be a guild which values individual freedom and doesn't press its members into mandatory daily event schedules or faction farming.
  • We acknowledge that we're a medium sized guild - yet we still want to be a family and not only a random assortment of people.

This vision is what drives us as a guild – we are always working towards improving ourselves and becoming stronger in every single one of these goals.

Guild Rules

Guild rules are very basic and common sense, but include

  • Don't use rude/abusive/foul/obscene language or swear at any time for any reason
  • Don't grief or harass other members and other players at any time or discuss illegal or offending topics, including any kind of racism or sexism
  • Don't attack or flame members of the guild in public or on a public forum
  • Don't use offending or obscene names for their characters (members with character names in violation of that rule will get asked to delete the offending character)
  • Don't insult the enemy team in PvP for any reason
  • Don't suddenly leave groups while being in an mission or explorable area without good reason (“ragequitting”)
  • Don't do anything else that would put the guild into bad light

Guild Leader

  • Vertigo Inc

Guild Officers

  • Kai Arktar
  • Aranel Selari
  • Luned Ravenshore
  • Oreos And Milk
  • Salasan S

Recruitment Policy

We don't accept random invites. We recruit mostly by recommendation. We are a mature guild and do not recruit any member below the age of 18 (no, we do not make any exceptions). Age 20+ is highly recommended.