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About me[edit]

User Miko Miko-Dragon-346.png
  • IGN: Miko Angelica
  • Age: 52 years 5 months
  • Location: Århus, Denmark
  • GW since: August 2005
  • Guild: Guild Nirvana

On this wiki it's my goal to make small contributions from time to time whenever I see something I can correct or improve on.

These are currently my ingame goals:

  • I have achieved all the titles I want. So currently my goal is to have fun.

I'm enjoying GW2 using most of my time there in WvW.

Well I did write a guide once on how to do Aurora Glade mission + bonus with henchteam on the GWOnline forum. (user:fido).
(Since then it has become easier with the use of heroes and flags).

As reflected in most of my character names my other big interest is Anime and yes I did have lots of fun making up those names, where many of them have a hidden meaning related to the character.

Neat stuff[edit]

What kind of Guild Wars profession fits you best?

You scored as Monk

The Guild Wars profession that best fits you is monk. You keep in touch with your holy side, and don't like to start conflicts. If a conflict does start you always stand up for your friends and are there for them when they need help. Although not easily tempered, when you do get angry you can, and will smite down your adversary













And I thought I was the natural born Elementalist?


My small collection of Miniatures.

Miniature Kuunavang.png Miniature Asura.png Miniature Black Moa Chick.png Miniature Mallyx.png Miniature Pig.png Miniature Princess Salma.png Miniature Celestial Pig.png Miniature Celestial Rat.png Miniature Celestial Ox.png Miniature Celestial Tiger.png Miniature Celestial Rabbit.png Miniature Celestial Dragon.png Miniature Celestial Snake.png Miniature Celestial Horse.png Miniature Celestial Sheep.png Miniature Celestial Monkey.png

Miniature Prince Rurik.png Miniature Shiro.png Miniature Burning Titan.png Miniature Charr Shaman.png Miniature Kirin.png Miniature Fungal Wallow.png Miniature Hydra.png Miniature Jade Armor.png Miniature Jungle Troll.png Miniature Necrid Horseman.png Miniature Siege Turtle.png Miniature Temple Guardian.png Miniature Whiptail Devourer.png

Miniature Gwen.png Miniature Water Djinn.png Miniature Elf.png Miniature Koss.png Miniature Palawa Joko.png Miniature Aatxe.png Miniature Fire Imp.png Miniature Harpy Ranger.png Miniature Heket Warrior.png Miniature Juggernaut.png Miniature Mandragor Imp.png Miniature Thorn Wolf.png Miniature Wind Rider.png

Miniature Freezie.png Miniature Nornbear.png Miniature Ooze.png Miniature Abyssal.png Miniature Cave Spider.png Miniature Cloudtouched Simian.png Miniature Forest Minotaur.png Miniature Irukandji.png Miniature Mursaat.png Miniature Raptor.png Miniature Roaring Ether.png

Miniature Jora.png Miniature Abomination.png Miniature Desert Griffon.png Miniature Dredge Brute.png Miniature Krait Neoss.png Miniature Kveldulf.png Miniature Quetzal Sly.png Miniature Word of Madness.png

Miniature Candysmith Marley.png Miniature Oola.png Miniature Ventari.png Miniature Cobalt Scabara.png Miniature Fire Drake.png Miniature Scourge Manta.png Miniature Seer.png Miniature Shard Wolf.png

Miniature Dagnar Stonepate.png Miniature Flowstone Elemental.png


Miko Darkwing

pre-Searing character
Legendary Defender of Ascalon

"Lets get dangerous"