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Celtic Wild Hunt [Celt]
Guild Celtic Wild Hunt cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Faction Luxon
Type PvE/PvP
No. of members ~25
Guild Hall Frozen Isle
Webpage Celtic Wild Hunt

Knot2 cape emblem.png Celtic Wild Hunt [Celt]

Formed on 15th November 2005 [Celt] has been going strong ever since. Always holding about 20 members it is a PvE and PvP guild, with focus mainly on PvE.

Formed in GW2 on 25th August 2012 [Celt] is still active, with the core of its players playing continuously since 2005. We can be found on the Piken Square Server [RP].

Knot2 cape emblem.png Activities

Loads and loads of group stuff, whether it is planning on completing a mission, a dungeon, a jumping puzzle, or simply exploring and completing the game together. Guild activities are common and usually can muster up a group of 5 or more people to do whatever task appeals at the time. People who need help can get it as it's all in the fun of the game!

Knot2 cape emblem.png Who can Join?

Now that we're in GW2, the rules haven't changed much: In GW1 we don't recruit anymore. In GW2 we don't accept random invites and mostly recruit old GW1 members and allies, siblings, spouses or very close RL friends by recommendation. On a rare occasion we sometimes recruit players we've played with for a while. The guild is mature and kept smallish and very personal, with people who are considered friends, not members. Those who do join us are asked to treat everyone in the guild and the alliance with respect and that they are over 22 years old. No exceptions.

Knot2 cape emblem.png Guild/Alliance Rules

  • Treat others within the guild and alliance with respect -- the way that you would prefer to be treated.
  • Don't use rude/abusive/foul/obscene language or swear at any time for any reason.
  • Don't grief or harass other members and other players at any time or discuss illegal or offending topics, including any kind of racism or sexism. Racial, ethnic, and religious insults will never be tolerated.
  • Don't attack or flame members of the guild in public or on a public forum
  • Don't use offending or obscene names for their characters (members with character names in violation of that rule will get asked to delete the offending character)
  • Don't insult the enemy team in PvP for any reason
  • Don't suddenly leave groups while being in a mission or explorable area without good reason (“ragequitting”)
  • Don't do anything else that would put the guild or the alliance into bad light. While you are out in the various areas of Guild Wars, act as a representative of the guild and conduct yourself in a way that reflects our standards.
  • If a conflict ever does arise between you and another guild/alliance member we ask that you first try to sort the issue out yourselves, in private. If this fails then please contact a member of the guild l eadership so that we may look in to the matter and take the appropriate steps.
  • Guild members should be able to log in at the bare minimum of once per month. Anyone who is inactive without notice for a longer time frame will be removed from the guild and will have to reapply should they wish to return.

Knot2 cape emblem.png What drives us as a guild

Similar to what our allies in Angel Sharks say: We want to be a community of close-knit friends and not only a random assortment of people.

  • Our aim is to be a guild of close friends that come together and have fun with the game in a environment free of trouble, arguments and immaturity (there is enough of that in real life already.
  • We want our guild to be able to beat the most difficult PvE challenges in the game and shine with a smile while doing so.
  • We are a guild that enjoys providing assistance to our members. However, please understand that prior commitments or real life obligations [keep in mind that CWH is an adult guild and many members have spouses and children] may at times prevent people from being able to respond immediately.
  • We want to be an international guild with members from around the globe to play and chat with.
  • Yet, we still want to be a guild which values individual freedom and doesn't press its members into mandatory daily event schedules or faction farming.
  • We are not farmers, faction grinders or overly keen on drama nor politics. Many of us play to enjoy without these hassles that bother us enough in real life.

Knot2 cape emblem.png Guild Members

Guild Leader(s):

Guild Officers:

Guild Officers (Continued):

  • Ellis The Ardent
  • Tylandrous Pendrill

Guild Friends:

Guild Friends (Continued):

Knot2 cape emblem.png Friend of the following guilds:

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