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The Getaway Special [rent][edit]

The Getaway Special [rent]
Guild The Getaway Special cape.png
Territory America
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members ~10
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
Webpage The Getaway Special LJ Comm

The Getaway Special is a very small guild with a group of very close friends. It was created on April 2, 2007 as a 'getaway' guild for close friends looking to try another guild for a while. In May of the same year, the guild began to take on a more permanent status and once temporary members now consider The Getaway Special to be their home guild.

The Getaway Special is also named after a book by Jerry Oltion, where a geeky amateur rocket engineer figures out how to build a faster-than-light spaceship out of a septic tank.


The Getaway Special is not actively recruiting, and has no plans to recruit in the future. The only way a new member will be accepted into the guild is by becoming close friends with the guild and alliance members.

Contact information[edit]

Website: The Getaway Special LJ Comm

In game: Armand Leblanc, Mog Ruith of Armagh, Goska Shadoweaver, Pendaran Caradec, Zera Gorani, Zoe Kirian, John Polsar

Friend of the following guilds:[edit]

The Right Tub Alliance
Leader The Right Tub
Members The Getaway Special • Drunken Rabbit Army • Order Of The Obsidian Storm • Salvation Promised • Shadow Blood Syndicate • Academy Of The LegendaryOrder Of Pandora • Redblood Suie