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Order Of Pandora [OoP][edit]

Order Of Pandora [OoP]
Territory America
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE/PvP
No. of members 8+
Guild Hall Imperial Isle
Webpage None just yet! :)

Order Of Pandora was created by King Kessler Vi.

Leaders and Officers[edit]

  • Kess, Guild Leader.
  • Diesel Donzi, Guild Officer
  • Robin Sadai, Guild Officer
  • That Tingly Feeling, Guild Officer
  • Trav The Destroyer, Guild Officer, Site Admin


Recruiting is now open, just contact one of the officers or the leader. There will be a short gaming session, followed by Q&A accompanied by general guild/friendly rules. Potential recruits need to know that OoP is very laid back, accepts people making mistakes, and that you should play the game for fun. Hope to see you on game! xD

Contact information[edit]

In game: Aside from Officers, Echidna Kessler

The Right Tub Alliance
Leader The Right Tub
Members Drunken Rabbit Army • Academy Of The Legendary • Order Of The Obsidian Storm • Salvation Promised • Shadow Blood Syndicate • The Getaway Special • Redblood Suie • Order Of Pandora