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The Right Tub [BATH]

The Right Tub [BATH]
Guild The Right Tub cape.jpg
Territory America/Europe
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE/PvP
No. of members ~41
Guild Hall Druid's Isle
Webpage [1]

The Right Tub [BATH] was created by Devlin Moonshade and Garlon Telasin.

The guild name originates from the Netland White Tower interactive fanfiction writing game that Devlin and Garlon originally participated in. Garlon's character was notoriously bloodthirsty and earned a title in the game called 'A Bloodbath looking for the Right Tub'.

Interestingly, many new members are unaware of the origin of the name and it is more common for members to relate to the BATH guild in a much lighter fashion, usually involving bubble baths and/or a jacuzzi. It is not uncommon for an alliance member to log into Guild Wars and declare their arrival in alliance chat with a 'sploosh!' or 'divebomb!' statement.

Leaders and Officers


All applications to join BATH are done via the guild forum, using the Recruitment guidelines. A primary goal for BATH is to ensure that all its members act in the same mature and polite manner that is seen from all current Guild and Alliance members.


BATH are the alliance leaders of a strong group of friendly and experienced guilds who participate in joint-guild missions and quests, as well as participating in friendly, and often amusing, conversations in Alliance Chat. There are strong links with the GWOnline Fan Fiction forum with many of the guilds that belong to the alliance containing members who have posted stories on those web pages. We also encourage friends who are not part of the alliance to use the forums[2] to keep up to date with the in-game events, announcements and assistance that is generously shared around.

Most members are more focused on PvE than PvP, but we are actively trying to improve player vs. player participation on a weekly basis. Our forums contain a number of articles such as :

  • In-game events that include both NM and HM outings as well as festive parties and gatherings
  • Fast Full Runs (HM), such as DoA, CoF, FoW, UW, Slavers
  • PvP Calendar and Scrimmage Practise Dates
  • Professional guides written by our most experienced members and friends
  • Trade Forums and Advice
  • Title Progress
  • General Humour
  • Screenshots and Comics
  • Fan Fiction

Contact information


In game: , Raziel Deathweaver, Finn Ferral, Gorani, Kira Avonchan

The Right Tub Alliance
Leader The Right Tub
Members Drunken Rabbit Army • Order Of The Obsidian Storm • Salvation Promised • Shadow Blood Syndicate • Academy Of The Legendary • Renegade Security Squadron • Song and Branch