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Academy Of The Legendary [Argo][edit]

Academy Of The Legendary [Argo]
Guild Academy Of The Legendary cape.jpg
Territory America/International
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 3
Guild Hall Hunter's Isle
Time zone MST


[Argo] was formed after I got disgruntled at the Gwen preview weekend when I had 100k saved and I could not buy any armor. What was I going to do? make a new guild I said and thus I made it so. 30k later I had a cape and a shiny new hall with its first NPC. It took a while and some failed guild creations before I settled on the name and tag; every thing up till now always had "shadow "as part of ts name ....dark shadow alliance, knights of the crimson shadow(deleted as of January 2008 ).

Guild-Logo.png Recruitment[edit]

Argo is a small growing guild that is a member of a 10 guild alliance. Within the alliance ranks, we contain many skilled PVE and PVP players.

If you think you would like to join the ranks to become a member please contact me in game and I can send an invite.

the 3 basic rules of Argo are:

  1. Be respectful to your fellow gamers.
  2. All members must act mature
  3. Have fun

There are other rules of the alliance that can be found at the new alliance forums located at . Come on by and say hi

Guild-Logo.png Contact information[edit]

You can contact me ingame by adding these two names to your frends list.

  • Acc 1 IGN- Indigo Montari
  • Acc 2 IGN- Atheana nightshade

The Right Tub Alliance
Leader The Right Tub
Members Drunken Rabbit Army • Academy Of The Legendary • Order Of The Obsidian Storm • Salvation Promised • Shadow Blood Syndicate • Redblood Suie • Song and Branch

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