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Melandru mural (Gandara).jpg Vita brevis, Ars longa

Hello my darlings!

As you can see, my name is Tasha, a silly artist who enjoys spending time with her CWH family and/or her non-guildie GW friends. I'm really active in the game, spend more time there than I actually should *grin*, but my darlings are more than worth it! I love the game, play it whenever life and free time allows it, but I'm literally addicted to the people behind the characters and I do consider them my dearest friends.

I'm usually busy, helping others or simply chatting and having fun in our guild hall...

Big thanks to all who made it possible, especially <3 Moggles for helping me make an original header I'm very proud of!

I'd also greatly appreciate if people wouldn't edit it, nor any of my pages, since they don't belong to you. Thank you.

Hope you'll enjoy this little info page about my chars.

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