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About Kalidri

I used to be the Fan Fiction moderator and co-mod of Lore over at Guild Wars Online. In real life I am a sculptor who specializes in porcelain miniatures but I also love to write (not always GW things), train my dogs and in general be a mellow hermit-type. I occasionally emerge from my house to walk around Green Lake in Seattle and go shopping.

I have a GW blog here [1] on Guild Wars Online aka GWO.

My three part GW story can be found here [2], here [3] and here [4]. I do not have plans to move them elsewhere and I apologize for eyestrain, messy state and their intimidating length. I tried to avoid the standard fanfic cliches (for instance the lead male character is not trying to seduce Gwen and I could be arsed writing about the Tyrian royals) but I cannot claim originality - oh and it's not lore-safe - if you are a lover of GW lore just plug your nose or something.

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