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User Gem harder PvE.png This user wants PvE to be balanced.

Profile & Contact Info[edit]

IGN: Racthoh Demini

Guild: Scars Meadows (Guild Leader)

Alliance: Scars Meadows (Kurzick)

Guild Wars Guru: Racthoh
Forum moderator. If you have any forum issues you're free to PM me.


My characters, in order of /age:
  • Racthoh Demini (Warrior/Necromancer)
  • Dartakc of Kyi (Monk/Mesmer)
  • Monarch Anor (Paragon/Warrior)
  • Type Vi Demon (PvP)

Stupid Things[edit]

Shadow Form
Earth Magic
Essence of Celerity
Armor of Salvation
Cry of Pain

Feel free to disagree but do note that you will be wrong. Thanks, have a nice day.

My Paragon[edit]

He wins at life.

My Ramblings[edit]

Guild Wars Suggestions
Why World of Warcraft is Horrible
Stupid Things Explained
Ursan Blessing: Older Page
Player Development
PvE Monking: Condition Removal

Not mine but worth reading