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March 1, 2010[edit]

I AM BAAAACCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!! I will not actually be on GW for a while, mostly due to the fact I don't have a working computer all the time anymore. However, I will try and be as active as possible on the wiki. I would like everyone and anyone to inform me of any major changes to the game since summer '09. Thanks, and its great to be back!

May 10, 2008[edit]

My RfA has failed. Frankly, i am not surprised. I figured i would see the oppose section fill up fast, that is why i withdrew, to save people time. As many others have said, i feel i can do a good job on this wiki without the powers of a sysop. For more resons, see the ones i posted on the page. Ill try again in another few months, if i feel that i really can do some good as a sysop.

May 13, 2008[edit]

With the recent fluxuation in trolling by certain users, I am starting to get a vibe that we are going to see a lot more "Raptors-style" bans in the future. Personally, i favor we just give grinch a 1 year ban and leave it at that, but this will most likely not happen for some time. As long as i play guild wars, though, i will keep editing and dicussing on this wiki, regardless of drama level. (Which, on a scale of 1 to 10, is at like 8 1/2 now...)

July 9, 2008[edit]

family guy and the simpsons are gettting googled less than south park. This is terrisad to me....Some people might say "Why didnt you mention American dad?". Well, if you didnt see the graphs for American Dad on that page, google trends it again, it aint pretty.