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Necromancer Ebon Ashes
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  • Name: When I was making her I was thinking about colors, so I wanted her name to incorporate black in some way since she's a Necromancer, so I chose Ebon because it fit and sounds pretty. After I picked that Ebon Ashes just popped into my head, and I decided it was perfect.
  • Born: Tyria, ?/?/2007
  • Age: 46 hours
  • Experience: 58,374 points

Ebon Ashes took the spot of my old Necromancer, an Elonian Minion Master who I hadn't even leveled to 20, because a guildmate of mine decided to go for Legendary Defender of Ascalon. At first I laughed because I never wanted to go for that title and spend all the time death-leveling, but then I thought about it, and decided that it wouldn't be bad to make the character and just let her death level while I was sleeping or something, so I made her. She's much too pretty to be a Necro, in my opinion, but that's part of the reason I like her.

Favorite Builds

Vampiric Gaze.jpg Vampiric Touch.jpg Faintheartedness.jpg Deathly Swarm.jpg Life Siphon.jpg Charm Animal.jpg Comfort Animal.jpg Troll Unguent.jpg