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About Sciros[edit]

Sciros Darkblade

Sciros is the leader of the guild Archons Ascendant. He has been playing Guild Wars since the day it was released and has tried his best to make a name for himself as a friendly and skilled player.
Sciros started off as the leader of Ascendant Command. After disbanding it in the Summer of 2005, he became an officer of the short-lived White Beard. In Autumn 2005 he was invited by Andrew Patrick to join the Guild Wars Alpha Test. Sciros was honored to accept, and subsequently joined the guild Zealots of Shiverpeak, where he served as officer for nearly a year.
As an Alpha Tester Sciros had the opportunity to work as a contributor to the Factions Strategy Guide, for which he (along with several other members of ZoS and The Amazon Basin) was rewarded by having the Factions Collector Dmitri Scharkoff named after him. Sadly, due to time constraints, Sciros had to resign from the Alpha Test following the release of Nightfall.
In Autumn 2006 Sciros left ZoS and took a leave of absence from Guild Wars. Upon returning he formed Archons Ascendant. Arch was in multiple alliances over the years, leading some. At its peak the guild had many fantastically skilled members and a high level of activity. However, over time interests in the game began to wane and the guild slowly shrank as people moved on to other things. Eventually Sciros officially disbanded Arch, leaving Uca Firewind as guild steward. He is currently a "lone warrior" with no real guild allegiance.

Main Character[edit]

Tango-warrior-icon-small.png Sciros Darkblade

  • Born: May 2005
  • Age: 3641 hours/63 months
  • Deaths: 2,975
  • Most Commonly Used Build: Warrior/Dervish Warriors Endurance Build
  • Least Commonly Used Build: Warrior/Monk runner
  • Number of Guilds led or served as officer: 3
  • Number of Alliances led: 1

Guilt.jpg Sciros has spent 3641 hours in Guild Wars in 63 months (1.9 h/day).
Warrior's Endurance.jpg Warrior's Endurance is Sciros's favorite skill (to own noobs with).

Faction (Luxon).jpg Sciros is a member of the Luxon Alliance.
Warrior 40.png Sciros has completed all four campaigns.

Other Characters[edit]

Tango-ranger-icon-small.png Wynd Nightfallen
Tango-necromancer-icon-small.png Cianne Starchild
Tango-paragon-icon-small-v1.png Furion Rift


Sciros Darkblade has several "claims to fame."