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User Shinjinbukai 1.jpg

Species Human
Profession College Student
Level 18
Campaign California
About Me:

Hello! My usual name for people to refer to me in-game is Shinjin. I am a PvE and PvP player, though I usually lean towards PvE I do GvG and HA with my guild mates from Zealots Of Shiverpeak [ZoS] (the oldest guild in the game). I am a Member in Zealots Of Shiverpeak [ZoS]! My main character is my Necro, Shinjin Of Death.

Contact Info:
  • Monk -Shinjin Of Faith
  • Necromancer -Shinjin Of Death
  • Elementalist -Shinjin Of Elements
  • Ranger -Shinjin Of Nature
  • Dervish -Shinjin Of Shroud
  • Paragon -Shinjin Of Command
  • Warrior -Shinjin Of War
  • Mesmer -Shinjin Of Illusion
  • Assassin -Shinjin Of Stealth
  • Ritualist -Shinjin Of Spirits
  • Ranger -Shinjin Of Pre: He is my Prophecies Pre-Searing Character.
  • RangerRitualistElementalistNecromancerMonkDervishParagonMesmerAssassinWarrior -Shinjin Of Pvp: Character for Player vs Player
  • 35/50 HoM Ghostly Hero
  • ...More to come!