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Who Invited You to My User Page?

Just kidding, welcome! Here is my page for Guild Wars! I've been one of the many who have been playing since the start! I've loved Guild Wars and grew up with it a good portion of my life. I make suggestions and love to play Guild Wars. I am currently in American High Schools planning to major in Biochemistry and Physics or Psychology. I'm not entirely use which of those two I will duo major in, but physics doesn't sound interesting to be honest. We'll see, anyways, thanks for visiting my User Page!
User Than Contact Title.jpg
I'm pretty active on the Wiki, and probably one of the only places I'm really socializing. Plus, I'm not giving away my character. :)
I try to talk to people, but be warned. I am very childish and Telletubbies or Barnie will be introduced in the conversation!
Just leave me a message on the Wiki, and despite how I sound like an ArenaNet staff, I'm not. If I was, Hero Battles would still be here!