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This page contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

Disambig icon.png This is a mission entry. For information on the outpost, see Hero Battles (outpost). For information on the Zaishen Mission quest, see Hero Battles (Zaishen quest).

Hero Battles was the name given to the mode of PvP known as Hero versus Hero (HvH). In this contest, players would enter the battle with 3 Heroes, and fight another player and their team of 3 heroes. A player must have had a named account to participate in Hero Battles. There were rated and unrated battles, with the rated battles counting towards a rating on the Hero Battle ladder. Similar to GvG, players were matched for rated battles based on their rating on the ladder.

One's game account needed access to at least Guild Wars Nightfall or Guild Wars: Eye of the North in order to obtain and utilize Heroes.


  1. Map travel to The Battle Isles (Great Temple of Balthazar) from Tyria, Elona, or Cantha.
  2. To access Hero Battles you must have unlocked at least three Heroes onto your account.
    New Characters needed to talk to a Priest of Balthazar first before they could travel to the Hero Battles outpost.
  3. Once unlocked this way, you could map travel to the Hero Battles outpost at any time.
  4. You must have owned either Nightfall or Eye of the North, or you could not unlock any Heroes.

Alternately, you could have opened your Hero menu (hit the H key) and click on 'Account.' Then click on 'Travel to Hero Battles.'

At the Hero Battles outpost, press the 'Hero Battle' button that appears on the party roster. A window will appear and offer two options:

  • Rated Automatic Match
You will be matched against an opponent with a similar Hero Battle rating. The victorious player will gain Hero Battle rating, and the defeated player will lose Hero Battle rating.
  • Unrated Automatic Match
You will be matched against an opponent with a similar Hero Battle rating. Your Hero Battle rating will not be affected by this match.

During the Automated Tournament registration time window, you would have gotten an additional option to register for the tournament.


The objective was to be the first to score 20 morale points, or to have the most morale points at the end of 10 minutes, whichever came first. If both teams had equal morale points after 10 minutes, Sudden Death mode would begin - the first team achieving a point would win the battle. Morale points were gained by capturing shrines and by killing members of the opposing party. You earned one morale point for each kill you made. How the morale system worked is explained below.

Morale and Shrine Capture Pips

Capturing shrines[edit]

In hero battles there were several shrines that could be captured. Every shrine gave one or two pips of morale regeneration.

  • To capture a shrine, a team member needed to be in earshot range of the shrine.
  • The NPC in Desert Sands, The Beachhead and The Crossing counted towards a member of your team for capturing shrines.
  • The speed of capture was dependent on the number of members a team has more than the other team in the vicinity of the shrine.
  • If the shrine had the same number of team members from both sides, then it would not shift in either direction.
  • If the shrine was already captured by the opposition, it had to be "neutralized" first before gaining control.
  • Pets, minions and spirits did not count towards capturing of the shrine.
  • Capture speed was capped at 4 pips in either direction.
  • One capture pip required approximately 11 seconds to capture a neutral shrine. Each additional pip reduced the time by 1 second.


The table below shows how long it took before a point is received for a certain amount of morale regeneration you had:

Morale pips Time to receive a point
1 107 seconds
2 53.5 seconds
3 35.7 seconds
4 26.8 seconds
5 21.4 seconds


  • Team members were resurrected at their base every 30 seconds.
  • There was no death penalty in Hero Battles.
  • If you won, you could not die once the battle had ended.



Balthazar's Faction and Victory points could be obtained from Hero Battles.

Balthazar faction
Point 20
Victory Morale Points x 5
  Victory point
Rated match 1
  • While participating in automated tournaments, Tournament Reward Points would have been awarded based on the performance.
  • When the player won enough matches and increased his rating, the player would become visible on the Hero Battle ladder.
  • Victory Points added towards the Commander title.

Automated Tournaments[edit]

In hero battles it was also possible to participate in Automated Tournaments. In order to participate in automated tournaments you needed to have a named account. To register for a tournament you needed to press the enter battle button during the registration time. The registration times could be found by talking to Tolkano. You also needed to talk to Tolkano to get a Tournament Token, one tournament token is needed to register for the automated tournament. A tournament would take approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.


It was initially announced by Linsey Murdock that Hero Battles will be removed and replaced by a "4v4 Sealed Deck format" in her August 28th, 2009 journal entry.

Hero Battles, along with Team Arenas, were permanently removed and replaced with the Codex Arena in the October 22nd, 2009 update.