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The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be.

— Paul Valery

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53 Months
Current Armor
Elite Stoneforged
Favorite Skills
Link=Meteor Shower Link=Obsidian Flesh Link=Rebirth
Animal Companion
Melandru's Stalker
Link=Melandru's Stalker
Favorite Weapon

Galigord's Stone Staff

Arianna's available Heroes
Acolyte Jin not acquired Acolyte Sousuke not acquired Dunkoro wearing Sunspear armor General Morgahn not acquired Goren not acquired Koss wearing Sunspear armor Margrid the Sly not acquired Master of Whispers not acquired Melonni wearing Sunspear armor Norgu not acquired Olias wearing Krytan armor Razah not acquired Tahlkora wearing Istani armor Zenmai wearing Am Fah armor
Zhed Shadowhoof not acquired Jora not acquired Pyre Fierceshot not acquired Ogden Stonehealer wearing Dwarven armor Livia not acquired Gwen wearing Ebon Vanguard armor Vekk wearing Asuran armor Anton not acquired Xandra not acquired Hayda not acquired Kahmu not acquired MOX acquired Keiran not acquired Miku not acquired Zei Ri not acquired