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Tylenol Jones
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Hello. I'm new to the Guild Wars Wiki as a registered user, but have been using it since forever, and probably wouldn't have got half as far as I've got if it hadn't been for all the work other people have done on it. Seriously, when you think about it, that is a huge amount of collective effort. Quite humbling really.

I've been playing Guild Wars pretty much since it's release, and for a good few years, was playing it almost continuously. These days I'm more of a casual player and only recently got back into it again after an extended absence, having decided to finally purchase EOTN as a treat for myself (which magically turned into purchasing most of what was left in the store I hadn't already bought before, lol). I have two accounts and one of each character, plus a bunch of mules. My first, and for a long time, only character, was a Ranger, before finally giving in and giving the other professions a try. I did have another before her, but deleted her after finding myself in Post-Searing Ascalon and being overwhelmed and confused(having thought until that point, that pre-searing was the entire game world! Haha).
Favorite Profession
I can't say I have a favorite character, I'll play one more than another depending on the mood I'm in. Though recently I have played on my Dervish the most, but that seems to be due to her and my Paragon having a full compliment of heroes compared to the others, so they got more love. I think I enjoy them all for the different playing styles they offer, and have found it helps to avoid making the game dull when I can go from playing in one style to something completely different with another character.
The only reason I have two accounts is due to being one of the unfortunate early players who wished to have a character of every profession during the early "we cannot add extra character slots as it's technically impossible and isn't something we can do" days, prior to Factions being released and the discovery that extra character slots wasn't as technically impossible as we had been told. I used to be bitter about this, mostly due to the cost of keeping up to date on both accounts, and sometimes it can be inconvenient to have things split across two accounts. But these days the benefits eclipse the negative aspects.
  • Twice as many gifts from Nicholas the Traveler
  • Full teams of 2 players and six heroes
  • Being able to play in FOW/UW whenever I want, without having to play with others.
  • Running my own characters
  • More storage space
  • Twice as many keys from when all players were given free Tournament points (even if I ended up with mostly firewater ffs lol).
Playing Style
Currently I prefer to play alone, either with Heroes and Henchmen, or using both accounts and just a full team of heroes. It's how I began playing all those years ago, and being the shy type, was always going to end up returning to it. While it can become very expensive to properly outfit every available hero across each character (which I'm currently in the process of trying to do). I think having full control of a party of eight is awesome, and heroes were one of the best ideas ever. I do wish and will always dream of the day that Anet finally allow us to have seven heroes in a party, and I'm holding on to the hope that as GW2 draws near, and the number of GW1 players drops. They'll add this feature to keep the fewer players that remain from having to struggle along alone.
I like to take my time, I'm not one for rushing through the game if I can help it. The rare times I'll play in FOW/UW, it's not unheard for me to happily take upwards of eight hours down there, just doing my own thing. It's safe to say if I was to party with anyone else, I'd be the last one to leave, barring Thunderstorms (instant shutdown, not worth the risk of being hit by lightning!), or random disconnects.
I'm not one for titles. But I like the idea of them/achievements and think they're a great idea for extending gameplay and giving people more things to do. I like EOTN's titles, I think they were well thought out. I'm not a fan of the Faction titles though, having to spend forever getting faction just to get Kurzick/Luxon PVE only skills was, IMO, a bad idea. Also the Nightfall method of increasing titles was again more a miss than a hit. As I say, I feel that EOTN did finally get it right by compacting them into far fewer titles and much easier ways to increase them.
I don't farm. I used to, a little bit, and may sometimes have a go if I'm bored. But it's never been something I could really get into. Repetitive behavior etc. has the ability to make me very sleepy very quickly. I could never have been a Chinese gold farmer, I'd have been fired for sleeping on the job! As such, I don't tend to make much gold, and I consider 1k a lot of money. This doesn't bother me all that much, it makes what I do get, worth all the more to me.
I'm terrible at knowing how much an item is worth to other players, so I never bother to sell to them, or buy from them. That and I don't agree with the whole overpriced attitude of in-game items. But that's something that plagues every online game from what I've seen. So anything I own I generally will have got from drops or quest/gift rewards. As a result, my mules have gradually filled up with gold weapons that perhaps aren't very good, but will eventually go someway to helping outfit all my heroes across all my characters.
I think they're cute! I collect them unofficially, but accept that since there are a few I could never possibly get, there's little point doing it properly. So instead I just get what my characters receive each year. With all my characters plus mules, that's a good few chances to get decent birthday presents.
I have one, just me on my own. Not recruiting, not making a page for it on here, little point!
Guild Wars 2
For someone who loves games like this, levels etc. I passionately hate the process of leveling, even though I'm fully aware of it's purpose and benefits. I also am not a fan of change, or starting at the beginning. Naturally the thought of starting from scratch in GW2 doesn't quite appeal to me. Visually it looks stunning, but I've yet to be impressed by anything I've heard of the sequel. I'm sure I'll make many enemies by saying that, but that's just the way I feel. On the other hand. I recall saying exactly the same thing about GW1 over five years ago, so I reserve the right to be completely wrong and play GW2 anyway. ;)
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Other Stuff

If you like the style of this and other pages in my User space. Feel free to make a template of it and use it however you want, it's just a bunch of tables and div boxes, so nothing all that complicated or anything that hasn't been done before. So don't feel the need to credit me or stuff, I don't care about things like that, if it's useful to you, use it. This is a wiki after all. The only reason I didn't make a template to begin with, is I have a habit of fiddling with things, never being happy with how something is. If I were to make a template, chances are I'd not be satisfied, and keep making changes, which could completely break things for anyone else using it. So to avoid causing problems for others, I didn't make one. I should thank Wynthyst who's pages inspired me to make my own, so there is probably some similarities here and there, with hers. Also the template used for the heroes at the bottom of each character page is hers, until I get around to making my own.

The other pages aren't done yet, I'll get them done eventually.