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Stats Self/Enemy Party/Allies
Damage Medium Low to Medium
Defense Medium High
Healing Low to Medium Low to Medium
Support Medium Medium

Quick adrenaline building set-up that offers a lot of team defense, party healing, possiilities of spike damage, and some party offense. This is somewhat the staple build for Paragons in PvE that have access to PvE skills.

Attributes and Skills[edit]

Leadership 10 + 1 + 1
Spear Mastery 10+1
Command 11 + 1

Aggressive Refrain.jpg
Aggressive Refrain
Anthem of Flame.jpg
Anthem of Flame
"There's Nothing to Fear!".jpg
"There's Nothing to Fear!"
Focused Anger.jpg
Focused Anger
"Go for the Eyes!".jpg
"Go for the Eyes!"
Vicious Attack.jpg
Vicious Attack
Spear of Fury.jpg
Spear of Fury
"Save Yourselves!".jpg
"Save Yourselves!"

"Fall Back!" can be substituted for Aggressive Refrain for an earshot range speed boost and health between battles.

Experimental Skill bar for newest updated version (new attributes may need done as well):

Leadership 12 + 1 + 3
Spear Mastery 10+1
Command 8 + 1

Focused Anger.jpg
Focused Anger
Anthem of Flame.jpg
Anthem of Flame
Anthem of Weariness.jpg
Anthem of Weariness
Disrupting Throw.jpg
Disrupting Throw
Spear of Fury.jpg
Spear of Fury
"Save Yourselves!".jpg
"Save Yourselves!"
"There's Nothing to Fear!".jpg
"There's Nothing to Fear!"

Optional: Spear Swipe for daze and to activate "SY!", a Res, self heal (Leader's Comfort), Hexbreaker Aria when "SY!" isn't needed (vs. Hexes primarily), or Glowing Signet after Anthem of Flame + attack skill if energy is running low.



  1. When first entering the zone use AR and maintain it with AoF.
  2. When entering battle, lead with Anthem of Flame and while casting it, use TNtF and FA to save time.
  3. Immediately start attacking a non-blocking target for 2 attacks and GftE should be up.
  4. Use VA and GftE on a target that isn't close to dying to get the next part to work properly.
  5. Immediately follow with SoF to gain the adrenaline back from the now burning and possibly deep wounded target.
  6. Use SY from the adrenaline gain.
  7. Repeat as needed and constant attacks will bring about more adrenaline for more often use of SY.



  • 4 hitting attacks with FA up will yield "Save Yourselves!" use and can be done after this above combo or any time to bring it up again as it only lasts up to 6 seconds max.
  • Blindness, blocking, and adrenaline loss/prevention can shut this down but only partially as TNtF is still useable and the spear attacks can still damage if only losing adrenaline.
  • Other party members bringing conditions will give you more versatility to use SoF at will.
  • The skill Disrupting Throw may activate the bonus effect with Anthem of Flame on the same attack but SoF does NOT thus why this order above (VA>SoF).
  • Do NOT be the first into battle as you will often be adrenaline drained/prevented, blinded, etc. It's best not to be the tank with this build and a true midliner to avoid the things that may slow you down and since you do not benefit from your SY use.
  • Summary/Benefits:
  • up to 1/3 damage reduction
  • heal every 10 seconds
  • sustainable +100 AL on party (not self) in combat
  • inflict crits
  • inflict burning on attack skill use
  • sustainable IAS
  • double adrenaline on hit
  • deep wound
  • energy back from adrenaline skills and even +1 from AoF
  • some damage/spike potential
(AoF 42 damage from fire over 3 seconds + VA 117 damage for bonus damage and d/w damage + SoF 40 damage at max ranks + regular spear damage from 2 attacks when one is crit = ~200 damage in 3 seconds as potential spike example)