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My Characters[edit]

RangerApply Poison.jpg MonkWord of Healing.jpg MesmerConjure Phantasm.jpg ElementalistFire Storm.jpg NecromancerAnimate Flesh Golem.jpg RitualistUnion.jpg WarriorDismember.jpg RangerLightning Reflexes.jpg

About Me[edit]

I started playing Guild Wars in August 2005, and haven't stopped since. I'm an officer for House Behelit, the guild that took me in when I was barely out of Pre-searing. Most of the people I play with are friends, and I have met a few of my fellow guildmates in the so-called "real life" as well. Currently my objectives are to help anyone who needs assistence with a title or with whatever else others wish to do.

Hunt Rampage (Asura).png This user thinks Asura are not cute.