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I'm on the other Guild Wars wikis with the same name, War_Pig5. In response to the frequently-asked-question... yes, it is a reference to the Black Sabbath song.
to do list for User:War_Pig5/Daily_postsearing_activities:

  • highlight efficient quests: Imperial Sanctum, Ruins of Morah, A Time for Heroes, Against the Charr, Curse of the Nornbear; Fronis Irontoe, Korshek the Immolated, Fenrir; ZVanquish: Zen Daijun, Shadow's Passage, Tahnnakai Temple, Bukdek Byway; Justiciar Marron, Destor the Truth Seeker, Justiciar Amilyn. Use Google cache highlighting or ifeq statements (use a separate page because this would shorten the page considerably given the page data size limit).
  • highlight zm's needed for books
  • create next page and link to it
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