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This user's contributions are released under the GFDL version 1.2 and all later versions.

User Wongba.jpg

Information About Me:
Southeast, US
Guild Wars Campaigns Owned:
Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, EotN
Started Guild Wars:
April, 2005

Guild History:
Philosopher's of Death [PhD] (Guild Leader)
Forsaken Sanctuary[FoSa] (Ended Season Rank 15 on GVG Ladder)
Xen Of Onslaught [XoO]
Nubile Deviant Erotica [NuDE]

Guild Wars Characters:

Currently, I have seven PvE characters and two PvP characters. My monk Gan Ni Mah currently has 13 maxed titles I'm working on the Gamer title (currently r6). My characters include:

Monk Gan Ni Mah
Necromancer Lord of the Decks
Elementalist Sheng Jing Bing
Ritualist Wa Cao
Warrior Ta Mah Duh
Paragon Bo Po Mo Fo
Ranger Afrikka Bambaattaa
Any Wongba Dan
Mesmer Bo Po MoFo

Dodgeball mods
My blog

Credits / Special Mentions:
My userpage design was stolen from Blobulator's userpage.
Dragon Blast.jpg This user loves the Dragon Arena.