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Info-Logo.png Note: This article aims to guide players who have adquired heroes but are still in their default settings: Starter weapon, no armor upgrades and incomplete/poor builds. Explain follow-up procedures to help new GW gamers boost their allies potentials.

Unless professions get major updates, this work should reach completion in a short time.

Info-Logo.png Note: This article is geared towards new players.
Please keep its contents to those which new players can reasonably understand and use.

"... when obtaining drops. For instance a new acquired weapon may not be of use to the player but a hero may benefit from it. Follow this same pattern with runes, insignias and skills. ...if left to their original poor status, they may become a problem instead. Heroes are also a smart way to learn other professions that players don't understand yet. Have their skill bars open to monitor and watch their behavior. "


Every player will want to earn more money, who doesn't? Most (75%) will save to buy prestige armor and rare-exotic skin weapons to "look cool". Few (25%) will spend their cash to improve heroes. After their investments: Having a "cute" appearence will grant no better protection nor will empower attacks. But on the other hand, upgraded allies will mean several benefits such as no needs to pug, no need to hench, no need to depend on other guildies or allies and enough tools available to enter hard challenges both elite grade and high rewarding. Speed Clear (SC) players could argue that ignoring heroes upgrades and dedicating over 100(k) platinum to grinding preparations is far worth the expenses. But that would only be true to very experienced, acknowleged and skillful people; otherwise a titanical waste to beginner level players.

Which aspect has priority?[edit]

Three aspects are considered in this article: Armory, Skills and Weaponry. From these, the most important is Armory. When refering to Armor, it is the equivalent of the total Health and Energy boosts a full set gets from Runes and Insignias in each of its pieces: Head, Chest, Arms, Legs and Feet. Heroes can have "perfect" builds if such templates were to exist, they can have perfect status weapons which do exist, but with poor health they become a liability.


Survival is the first issue players concern about, there is not a concensus to which is the perfect health value except for past times when these allies were allowed into Player vs Players (PvP) and the community demanded them to have 600HPColored Map Icon Red.png. And the same way goes for minimun value. A level 20 hero will have 480HPColored Map Icon Red.png default.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) of game characters has the ability to "read" others maximun health and current amount (due to damage infliction), and also the maximun energy and current amount (due to usage or being stolen/negated). This mechanic allows other allies to distinguish which party member is in danger and apply health recovery skills to save another character. As well as allowing foes to "see" which enemy has more chances to be killed and concentrate their groups entire firepower to spike to death. "Formations are only as strong as their weakest link! - Bonwor Fierceblade". The death of the first ally member is the beginning of the chained fall of the entire party.

The game offers three types of attribute runes: Minor (+1), Major (+2) and Superior (+3). It is a very common mistake to believe that having many attribute lines with high points makes a character stronger without balancing the health loss from the last two types of runes: Major (-35HPColored Map Icon Red.png) and Superior (-75HPColored Map Icon Red.png). Minor runes have no health loss. Weapons also affect health and energy both positive and negative (e.g.: The Bison Cup & Grim Cesta (knife)) which can be considered for better overall balance.

Runes of Vigor are a must to all characters, only one of these can be equipped to a full set at once. Minor (+30HPColored Map Icon Red.png), Major (+41HPColored Map Icon Red.png) and Superior (+50HPColored Map Icon Red.png).

When placing runes/insignias to armor sets, take into account: Armor rating (Please dont ignore this).

Effect on heroes[edit]

One single hero with low health compared to other allies by a considerable difference (e.g. 100HPColored Map Icon Red.png less) will require party healers double attention wasting their energy, skills when could be used to save other members while risking their own life. Healers will deplete their resources and will not have ways to re-supply themselves fast enough to function properly. This case is very common in the community and novice players tend to blame the healers when it is NOT their fault. To counter this inconvenience, heroes status (health and energy) can be pinged in the same way as builds by holding Ctrl and clicking on their red and blue bars.

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List of Collector Weapons with easy to farm Trophies: