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Move storybooks from one character to another within an account[edit]

Please consider adding a "Librarian" NPC (found, perhaps, in the HoM) which allows one character to move a (partially-filled) storybook from their inventory into an account-wide "library." Later, a different character (on the same account) could retrieve that book into their inventory with the filled pages intact. Restrictions could include allowing only one HM storybook of each type. While the book is in a character's inventory, it would still be marked "customized" for that character.

(Possible extension: if a storybook is being added to the library and one of that type is already there, the books could be "merged" for a fee.)


I enjoy playing different professions. It has always struck me that the GW title reward mechanics are focused on and are preferential to players who center their attention on a single character (and, therefore, one profession). While having some titles account-wide helps, there remains an imbalance. I have 15 characters (full disclosure: plus three mules), ten which I use to play HM. In addition, two characters have "Kind of a Big Deal" and two have "People Know Me." Taking only those four characters into consideration and counting Protector titles once, that's over 20 maxed titles. (Most of my other characters, HM or not, have all three Protector titles and have completed GW:EN in NM.)

It's probably clear I enjoy the game and, without apology, I play solely PvE. While I can and have farmed, I have yet to find a farming profession/build that doesn't bore me to tears within a couple hours. There are certainly players (much) better than me, players worse than me, and (legit) players (far) richer than me. I'm sharing this information solely to provide background regarding my play style. (I suspect I am not alone.)

When storybooks were introduced they were somewhat controversial and I know players who still grumble about them. Personally, I appreciate another "reason" to play certain things and I appreciate another mechanic for obtaining maxed titles. In addition, the recent storage upgrades have significantly reduced the pressure which was imposed by storybooks.

Implementing a "Librarian" would allow players like me the pleasure of playing whatever character/profession is desired while "relocating" some of that "work" to a different character. It would help alleviate some of the penalty experienced by a PvE player who likes to change things up a lot.

Thanks for the consideration. GW is a great game which has entertained me a frightening number of hours over the past two-plus years.

-- ZeeWabbit 02:25, 11 June 2009 (UTC)