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Mending Refrain.jpg Mending Refrain is Israfel Ombwiri's favorite skill.

Mending Refrain.jpg
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ParagonIsrafel Ombwiri


  • Campaign: Elonian
  • D.O.B: Don't know yet
  • Hours: 70 hours-ish
  • EXP: 7 hundred-thousand-ish
  • Mini Pets:
    • First Year: None yet


  • None Maxed

Current Armor[edit]


  1. Centurion's Exalted Elonian Crest of Minor Leadership
  2. Radiant Vabbian Raiment of attunement
  3. Radiant Sunspear Armguards of attunement
  4. Radiant Elite Sunspear Leggings of Superior Vigor
  5. Centurion's Ancient Sandles of Major Motivation

Primary Weapon[edit]

Wep Mod[edit]

   .Piercing damage: 14-27 (Requires 9 Spear Mastery)
   .Energy +5
   .Double Adrenaline on hit (Chance: 10%)
   .Health +30  

   .Armor: 16 (requires 9 Motivation)
   .Received physical damage -5 (Chance: 20%)
   .Health +30